Justin Timberlake Is Not a Superhero

Justin Timberlake speaks about his performance with ‘Nsync during the recent MTV music video awards ceremony, and the rumors of him becoming the next nemesis of superhero Batman in the upcmoming fourthg movie of the series.

“Being thirty two and trying to dance that much again at the VMAs, that was gambling….got to get these old bones moving” the singer told. Concerning his appearance in the new Batman movie Timberlake claimed he “recently got completely, not surprisingly, but got completely misinterpreted” and “had no desire to be any type of superhero… nor he could never live up to those type of standards”.

The singer/actor also briefly speaks about gambling – which is the occupation of his new character in the movie “Runner, runner”. “I’m the type of person that I would live in a smaller house and, you know, be on a budget if it meant that I got to be doing what I love to do.” – Timberlake said.

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