Steven Tyler, Joe Perry on Award, Tour, ‘Idol’

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith comment on their inclusion to the Songwriters Hall of Fame and on the upcoming appearance of the band at the Living Social Backyard Festival. Steven Tyler reveals why he decided to leave “American Idol.”

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are sure that any songwriter can consider him/herself to be one even if he/she has not sold millions of copies of discs. Any artist can be an artist even if he/she is not well known. He/she should just take the brush and paint. The same goes with music, writing, etc. – a person should express him/herself to become better.

After that, the musicians said that they were happy to perform in New York again and that they would return to the city to taste different kinds of beers. The band is going on a tour to Japan, China, and South America. As to the “Idol,” Tyler said that he values his band more.

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